Don't Wait

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Rachel McGoye
Rachel McGoye


One of my best friends called me up and asked me to go to Hawaii with her on an 8 day escapade. I had $200 to my name and thought it would be the stupidest most irresponsible thing i could do, but I'd never been to Hawaii and always dreamed of going. I spent days mulling over the rationale and decided what the hell. I had no job, no boyfriend,husband,kids, etc and when would i ever get the opportunity to just pick up and go somewhere like that again? So i went. it was the best vacation i have ever taken to this day. I almost didn't come home! I definitely could've stayed on the islands forever. 

Anyhow, before and during my trip i wrote this song " Don't Wait". It's sort of my own personal alma mater to be spontaneous and adventurous, and live on the not so rational side of the track some times. :)

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