The timing never seems quite perfect, but when an opportunity arises, one must jump. So that's what I am doing. I have come across the opportunity to record, write, and produce my next 'chapter' of music with Alex Band. Alex has had much success that began with his former band, The Calling. Their hit single 'Wherever you will go' went to #3 on the Billboard Top 40, and #8 on the Billboard Top 100. It reached #1 on the AC charts, and still plays today. This is a rare opportunity that I can't pass up. Alex has begun his own record label and his own album is being released in January 2010.( With that being said, the teeny tiny catch is that after Jan. Alex is no longer in town. So we have to record NOW! I have never campaigned before, but I'm about to start. I need to raise $20,000 before the end of December to cover recording costs. I know. It's not a lot of time, but I am one determined little woman right now and I have faith that continued support and desire for more music from friends and fans will make this campaign possible. Every freckle of support matters. $15 or more will receive a digital copy of the E.P, before it is publicly released. $25 you get a signed copy of the E.P plus autographed photo/ poster before its released. $100- you get signed copy of ep before it's released, autographed photo/poster, and a video message from me! $250- you get signed copy of EP before it's released, signed poster/photo, video message and never released track from live show. $500- signed copy of EP before it's released, signed poster/photo, video message from me, 1 never released live show track, and Your Name(or company) in the thank-you section of the album insert. $1000- signed copy of album before it's released, signed poster/photo, video message from me, 3 never released live show tracks, your name in the thank you section of the album insert $1500 or more will get you everything listed above PLUS a girl with a guitar on your doorstep) waiting to entertain you and a group of your friends for 'house concert'. That girl would be, yours truly. (conditions are within 200 miles of L.A. anything further, travel accommodations must be provided.) I am leaping and hoping that the net appears ;) Thank you a million times over for helping me make this happen, xoxo rm Click on Donate to help me make this happen...

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